Group Ski Holiday Tips

Planning a skiing holiday with a group of friends?

There are ways to ensure that it will be a complete success so here are some ski tips to help make your next group skiing holiday will be a hassle-free experience. 

Tip No 1: Sort you ski group number asap

It is much better to have your group numbers finalised well in advance. Discuss with your group who wants to go, where they want to go and how much they are willing to spend. It will be much easier for you and your travel agent to organise a group ski trip with accurate numbers.

Tip No 2: Stick to your holiday budget

It is unlikely that your entire group will be present at every stage of booking your group ski trip. Try to set an achievable budget with your group, so that when it comes to finalising the booking, the group leader knows that the cost is affordable to all members of the ski group. 

Tip No 3: Book your ski holiday in advance

Group skiing will take longer to organise than a holiday with just a partner. Take this into account when booking, giving you plenty of time to finalise all the details. This is important for getting the best accommodation too as chalets will be booked earlier than hotel rooms. If you want a decent chalet, get in early or risk being left with Fawlty Towers in the mountains.

Tip No 4:  Pre-book your ski extras, saving time and money

Pre-booking can often give you the opportunity to receive special early-booking discounts on the additional parts of your holiday. Organise airport transfers, equipment hire and packages for your group.  On the day you depart for the snow, you will feel a lot more relaxed if everything is organised and paid for.

Tip No 5  Choose the right resort and accommodation for your ski group

Your travel agent will have many years experience and will be able to advise you on the best type of resorts and accommodation for your group.

Tip No 6  Take advantage of early booking