Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Tuesday 11 February 2020

Sri Lanka

Verdant tea plantations and temperate hill stations offer a fresh escape from the tropical climate of the coast. There are timeless ruins, eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites, all manner of birds, six thousand wild elephants, water buffaloes, sloth bears, monkeys and the world’s highest concentration of leopards. Little wonder that pre-eminent explorer Marco Polo described Sri Lanka as the finest island in the world. This jewel of the Indian Ocean island, no bigger than the island of Ireland, is quite simply irresistible.

When to Visit

Sri Lanka has consistent year-round warmth and plenty of sunshine, although downpours of varying strength can occur at any time. The lowlands and coastal areas are significantly warmer than the hill country. The southwest coast is best visited from November through to April, before the monsoon season begins there. The east and north is less humid from May through to September, when the monsoon season there has ended.

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